Category: Thank you, Universe series

Shadow work

88”x48”x6” acid-free paper and light, site-specific, 2024


20” round, acid-free paper on canvas, 2024


24”x24”x7”, mixed media, 2021

Pure Joy

20” round x 12”, deep acid free paper on base, 2021

Dancing Souls

16” round x 13.5” deep, mixed media on canvas, 2022

New Perspectives

Mixed media, 2021

Thoughts Become Reality

24” x 24” acid-free paper and mixed media, 2021

Within Me

72”x68” mixed media, 2022

I See You

60”x 48”x 36” mixed media, 2023


36”x24”x18” acid-free paper and mixed media, 2022

Exploring Inner Space

36” round, 12” deep, acid-free paper and mixed media 2021

Observation of Thoughts

24”x24”x 4” acid-free paper and mixed media on canvas , 2020


36”x36”x6” acid-free paper on canvas, 2022 (*there is also a 24”x24”x6” one available)


60”x40” hand-dyed rope on canvas, 2022

String Theory

57″ x 27″ rope on canvas, 2019

Reflections of Meteor Shower

36″ x 36″ paper on canvas, 2019